A bench made from”Beetlekill” pine.  It has a beautiful combination of variegated “blues and grays and hues”.  Great for a covered patio or in a mud room or, at the end of your bed. Can be made from materials suited for outdoors and finished with exterior finish.



This table was made specifically to fill an empty space at the end of a countertop.  It provides extra seating when guests arrive.  Made from Curly maple with walnut trim and accents.


Wine Cabinet: A Donation to the annual MSU-Billings Wine Festival, 2013



Reproduction of Charles Limbert style coffee table

White Quartersawn Oak

Reproduction of a Charles Limbert tabouret. Made from quarter sawn white oak

Library Table: made with Curly Maple w/ Ebony accents

White Oak and Leather Morris chair & ottoman

Bedside table with drawer:  Made from red oak


3 responses to “Furniture

  1. Mike

    Very nice side table! They look great in our bedroom! Solidly crafted

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  3. James Jarvis

    I wish I had your talent

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